Bible and Life Ministries was created to help believers apply biblical teaching to their everyday lives.


Bible and Life founder, David Dunlap, has written a number of theology and Christian-living books, focusing on topics like calvinism, replacement theology, and holiness.


Bible and Life Ministries mails out a print newsletter five times a year, studying theological topics, sharing insights for Christian living, and spreading the gospel.

Praise for the Bible and Life Ministries Newsletter

In this age of incredible pragmatism, worldly infilratations in the church and broad complacency among many Christians, the Bible and Life newsletter has provided needed information, warnings and encouragement to many believers.

Francisco Ramirez, Minneapolis

The Bible and Life newsletter informs, challenges, and warns as it describes current trends and present threats to the truth. Even if (occassionally) I don’t agree, I am always stimulated to think biblically by it.

Alan Gamble, Glasgow, Scotland