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The aim of this literature is to promote biblical doctrine and New Testament assembly life and to refute trends which oppose New Testament teaching (Titus 1:9). In a day of compromise and indifference to biblical truth our desire is to contribute to the defense of sound doctrine.
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    Written Aforetime - Selected Articles from Bible & Life Newsletter 1993-2009 $15.00 & $1.00 P&P
    The GLORY of the AGES - Dispensational Theology Discussed in Language All Christians Can Understand (255 pages) $15.00 & $1.00 P&P
    His DYING Request - A Collection of Classic Writings and Sermons on the Lord's Supper (64 pages) $4.00 & $1.00 P&P
    Limiting Omnipotence - The Consequences of Calvinism (284 pages) $15.00 & $2.00 P&P
    The Head Covering - Historical Survey - David Dunlap (Booklet) No Charge
    The Head Covering - Evangelical Scholars- David Dunlap (Booklet) No Charge
    In Defense of Doctrine: Discerning Truth - David Dunlap (Booklet) No Charge
    The Greatness of the Church /Matt. 18:20- David Dunlap (Booklet) No Charge
    The Recovery Movement- David Dunlap (Booklet) No Charge
    Evangelism Training Resource (17 pages) David Dunlap No Charge
    Is There a New Testament Church Blueprint ? - David Dunlap(Booklet) No Charge

Cassette Tape Sets

    Dispensationalism and Reformed Theology- J. B. Nicholson (4) vinyl album $12.00
    Woman's Role in the Church- J. B. Nicholson (4) cassettes vinyl album $12.00
    "Christian" Pyschology /Sufficiency of the Bible -Dave Hunt (4) vinyl album $12.00
    Bible in Light of Jewish Culture/Tradition- Steve Herzig (4) vinyl album $12.00
    Update-Auca Story- (Ecuador Missionaries ) Abe Van Der Puy - (1) $3.00
    Current Events in Biblical Prophecy - Rob Lindsted (4) vinyl album $12.00
    Biblical Blueprint for the Family- Daniel Smith (4) vinyl album $12.00
    Biblical Creation and Genesis- Dr. John Whitcomb (4) vinyl album $12.00
    Islam, Israel, and the Middle East Conflict- Jabe Nicholson (4) vinyl album $12.00